Find your "Hormone Sweet Spot" at 530.566.9700
Find your "Hormone Sweet Spot" at 530.566.9700
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The Panacea Protocol™ is a professional Lifestyle Hormone Medicine program that utilizes Panacea|HRT™ Hormone Restoration Therapy systems and Panacea Medicine Co. dietary supplements.  This Functional and Lifestyle Medicine based rubric was clinically developed over 20+ years by Hormone Medicine experts to restore and repair brain and body function of women, and prevent mental and physical disease and decline.  There are 16 Essential Elements specifically focused on six critical influencers.

6 Pillars of Focus

We believe most mental and physical disease wouldn’t exist, or not exist to the extent it does, if 6 areas of focus were properly addressed.  The Panacea Protocol™ professional Lifestyle Hormone Medicine is a program that does just that. There are six specific areas of focus that are to be addressed in the right way to get a woman to her "Hormone Sweet Spot".

For most, when the above six areas of focus are appropriately and effectively addressed, they are more likely to achieve their "Hormone Sweet Spot".

This program seeks to disrupt the conventional medicine model of treating the symptoms of hormone deficiency by addressing the underlying issues of it.  The Panacea Protocol is a hormone optimization program that is clinically engineered to get most people of any age to their "Hormone Sweet Spot".  Isn't it time you found yours?