Find your "Hormone Sweet Spot" at 530.566.9700
Find your "Hormone Sweet Spot" at 530.566.9700
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Panacea|HRT™ is the most advanced and clinically sustainable bioidentical hormone restoration system for women in the world, and is the only advanced customizable standardized form of compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on the market.

Panacea|HRT is a fourth generation HRT system that consists of transdermal bioidentical hormones in topical compounded cream preparations that are dosed to healthy levels of hormones naturally produced by your body when you were young, and intelligently administered in a way that mimics the female body's natural hormone physiology. 

The proprietary formulated creams and their amounts are designed to rhythmically vary over the course of a 28-day cycle as youthful hormone levels naturally flow, that works in conjunction with our professional Panacea Protocol Lifestyle Hormone Medicine Program. The goal is to restore natural hormones to healthy reproductive levels in a manner that replicates the female body’s own physiology to what we call the "Hormone Sweet Spot"

Here at Quality of Life Medicine, our practitioners are professionally clinically trained how to intelligently administer Panacea|HRT to help you get to your "Hormone Sweet Spot.