Become a Patient

The first step is for you to call the office and make an appointment for an "Initial Visit".

Please contact our office by phone at 530-566-9700 to schedule your appointment.

After an on-phone screening and scheduling your appointment, you will be sent a packet of information, forms, and a lab requisition.  (You'll need to get your labs taken on a specific day and time so we have them in time for your initial appointment.)


Your initial appointment with us will be about 1½ hours, and follow up appointments are about 30 minutes. 

At your initial visit, Dr. Nagel will conduct a new patient assessment and review your labs.  If indicated, he will prescribe a hormone replacement therapy regimen that works for you. 

Follow up visits are typically every 4 months for the first year, then every 4-6 months thereafter depending on your particular hormone balancing needs.  


We offer telehealth appointments for people in the United States that may be conducted via phone, Zoom, or Skype.


If you're traveling from out of town/state/country to see us, you will fly into Sacramento International Airport, rent a car, and drive about an hour and fifteen minutes North to Chico. (Bring a friend and visit the wine country while you're here.)


Blood serum labs are required to help you get and keep your hormones balanced. Labs are required before most follow up visits so they can be reviewed in your appointments.

We encourage you to use Quest Diagnostics every time you get your labs done. You'll need to get an initial lab panel and follow up labs every few months to maintain your hormone prescriptions.  

If you already have some of the labs we require taken within 6 months, you'll only need to get the ones you don't have.


We use advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapy protocols designed to get hormones balanced and keep them balanced.  We do not prescribe hormones to manage your symptoms of hormonal imbalance, we prescribe hormones that fixes your hormonal imbalance.

Our goal is to restore your hormones back to youthful healthy levels to get rid of hormone imbalance altogether.