Become a Patient

The first step is for you to call the office and make an appointment to see Dr. Nagel for an "Initial Visit". Please contact our office by phone at 530-566-9700, or email our receptionist, Marge, at, and she will be happy to schedule your appointment.

After scheduling your appointment and on-phone screening, you will be sent a packet of information and forms, along with a lab requisition to get your labs taken on a specific day and time so we have them in time for your initial appointment.


Your initial appointment with us will be about 2 hours, and follow up appointments are about 30 minutes.  Dr. Nagel will conduct a new patient assessment and review your labs.  If indicated, he will prescribe a hormone replacement therapy regimen that works for you. You will then see the in-office treatment coordinator who will go over instructions by Dr. Nagel.


Initial Appointment: $475

Follow Up Appointments: $195

(We are a non-insurance practice)


The initial appointment must be conducted in person, and all follow-up appointments may be conducted via phone call, Zoom, Skype, (or in person).


If you're traveling from out of town/state to see us, you will fly into Sacramento International Airport, rent a car, and drive about an hour and fifteen minutes North to Chico.  (Bring a friend and visit the wine country while you're here.)


Labs are required to help you get to your hormones balanced, and we only use blood serum to test for your hormones.  We encourage you to use Quest Diagnostics or  There is an initial lab panel Dr. Nagel will order if indicated, and you'll need follow up labs every few months to maintain your hormone prescriptions.

Average Cost Paid to Lab: $60-$300 


Average Cost Paid to Pharmacy: $130-$180 per month

Hormone Balancing Course for Women

Some women need a program to learn how to balance their hormones in addition to getting hormone replacement therapy. The Hormone Sweet Spot Course was developed to help women learn what it takes to get hormones balanced the right way.